This small but fine spa is located in the southeast of Spain and is the easternmost place in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. About 3 km separate San Juan de los Terreros from the community of Murcia. The next largest place is Águilas, about 8 km north of San Juan de los Terreros.

San Juan de los Terreros was built along a paved road. On both sides there are holiday homes, old Mediterranean apartment buildings inhabited by locals, palm trees and service facilities. There is no real city center, but there are many small streets, which end on the hilly and beautiful coast of the village. Fortunately, you are looking for large hotels that block your view here in vain. The place owes its popularity to this idyllic and originality.

Almost at each point of the coast you can enjoy a beautiful view, for example the foothills of the Iberian mountains west of the town. Too often you can relax in a chair with a drink, because despite its small population and size, the resort offers a wide selection of tapas bars, restaurants and beach bars. There is even a club that opens its doors during the high season in summer. San Juan de los Terreros also has several supermarkets, mini markets and cafes. In addition, there is a weekly market with fresh fruits and vegetables from the region. A large golf course, about 5 km northwest of the town, offers variety for your beach vacation.

In San Juan de los Terreros you can find all kinds of accommodation. There are some hotels that are usually harmoniously and discreetly integrated into the mountainous landscape of the town, predominantly holiday homes and Mediterranean-style apartments and also more exclusive holiday villas that have their own pool and a green garden.

San Juan de los Terreros is located in a very agricultural area of ​​the province of Almería. This region of the Costa de Almería is characterized by two ridges that also embellish the panorama of San Juan de los Terreros. Excursions to the small rural towns, which can be found everywhere here, can give you an idea of ​​the original Andalusia and, in any case, they are worth it.

On the westernmost beach of San Juan de los Terreros is a small island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is a popular viewpoint and offers fantastic views of the Mediterranean and the beautiful nature of the Costa de Almería.

If you want to experience something completely different during your vacation in Spain, we recommend a game of golf. Just 5 km from San Juan de los Terreros, at the foot of an impressive landscape of hills, you can swing the racket with excellent views.